No. Zero. Weekends. 2017

As mentioned in my New Year’s Resolutions post, I plan on having NO ZERO WEEKENDS this year. Essentially, try something special, fun, or productive every weekend.

This is a log of my progress on the resolution.

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2016 New Year’s Resolutions

Last year’s resolutions:

Fail. Fail. Much fail. I hastily concocted those resolutions and really didn’t put my heart into them. The resolutions that came true were: 1) go┬ástorm chasing; 2) social life (surprisingly); 3) career clarity. The exercise, blogging, and financial planning resolutions crashed and burned.

Bummer. ­čśŽ

This year I have put a much more effort into thinking about these resolutions.

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2015 Year in Review

It was the best of years, it was the worst of years…

If I could use a one word to describe the year: transformative. If I could use two words: a failure. I failed in 2015 more than I have ever failed in my life. But I learned a great deal too, and I dare say I am a different person now than I was when 2015 dawned. For one, I started off the year worrying about running out of brain plasticity to learn cool things. I ended the year worrying about how I am ever going to be as emotionally intelligence and socially adept as everyone else around me.

Highlights, in no particular order (though #1 is definitely #1):

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