Update on My Life, Perhaps?

Since my last blog post, I have… 1) started out going with someone, 2) failed finals, 3) finished my freshman year of college, 4) found new friends, and 5) watched (either during, or posthumously) several large tornado outbreaks unfold. What a turnaround it has been, and once again I have grown and morphed, continuously shaped by the forces that guide my life.

I don’t have much insight or philosophy or analogy here. I was tempted to talk about tornadoes but that’s just too esoteric.  Not that anybody reads this but I felt a little respect had to be paid. I haven’t even gone over 2nd semester. So without further adieu, cool things about profs and GSI’s:

Prof. Frechet (Chem 3a): “You want electrons? Here, have them!” “Zee Zame Zide”  “BBB: Big Bulky Base/Big Bulky Boron”

Prof. Lott (Math 54): “Upshot” “I learned this on the street” (this being some cool math trick)

Prof. Shimamura (Psych 1): The wig on the first day, humiliating tardy ppl on the last lecture for being late on turning papers in

^Others weren’t as memorable.

I’ll try to post more insightful stuff again in the future.