QB Woes

In my moments of random thinking, I realized just how many NFL starting QB’s have gotten injured/are out for this season. The number this year has to be somewhat absurd and abnormal. So I decided to make a list of injured starting QBs:

Chad Henne (Dolphins)
Peyton Manning (Colts)
Matt Schaub; Matt Leinart (Texans)
Jay Cutler (Bears)
Jason Campbell (Raiders)
Mike Vick (Eagles)
Matt Cassel (Chiefs)

…OK, not as bad as I first believed. But still, that’s what… 7/32 teams in the NFL (almost a 1/4). This should send a resounding message that teams still need to keep good backups in hand. With that said, here are their backups:

Dolphins: Matt Moore (poor the first few games, but very good as of late)
Colts: Kerry Collins / Curtis Painter (lol)
Texans: TBA
Bears: Caleb Haine (has potential despite throwing three picks in the game against the Raiders)
Raiders: Kyle Boller (lol); Carson Palmer (won’t count since the Raiders lured him out of retirement)
Eagles: Vince Young (has veteran experience and just had a 400-yd performance against the Patriots)
Chiefs: Tony Palko (meh)

Eh, about 50-50 good to bad. And it’s hard starting with just one week’s practice (or less) with the offense.

EDIT 12/20/11: replaced “Darren McFadden” with “Jason Campbell”…. how the eff did I make this mistake….