No. Zero. Weekends. 2017

As mentioned in my New Year’s Resolutions post, I plan on having NO ZERO WEEKENDS this year. Essentially, try something special, fun, or productive every weekend.

This is a log of my progress on the resolution.

Weekend 1 (Jan 7-8)
– Hung out with friend on Saturday whom I haven’t seen in a couple of months
– “Storm chased” on the 8th and overall enjoyed the rain/wind.

Weekend 2 (Jan 14-15)
– Snow trip!!
– Yosemite on Saturday -> drive to Tahoe
– Snowshoeing on Sunday
– (Emerald Bay on Monday)

Weekend 3 (Jan 21-22)
– Women’s March on Saturday
– Tracked the southeast U.S. tornado outbreak on Sunday.

Weekend 4 (Jan 28-29)
– Party at a friend’s place on Friday night
– CNY lunch with grandparents Sunday

Weekend 5 (Feb 4-5)
– Got a haircut, and a carwash to clean up from my Tahoe trip
– Watched the Super Bowl with some friends


Weekend 6 (Feb 11-12)
– Saturday: Went to the Chinese New Year parade
– Sunday: Hiked at Redwood Regional Park to see the colonies of ladybugs in the area

Weekend 7 (Feb 17-19)
– Friday (I’m going to start counting them): ping-pong meetup
– Began updating resume/LinkedIn

Weekend 8 (Feb 24-26)
– Friday: day trip to Yosemite, saw the Fire Fall!
– Sunday: went to Lake Berryessa to see the Glory Hole

Weekend 9 (Mar 3-6)
– Friday: ping-pong again
– Cleaned up kitchen
– Sunday: photographed the Bay Area hail event



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