2017 New Year’s Resolutions

2016’s version

Out of my 7 (!) resolutions from last year, #2 (date more), #3 (dev job), #5 (decorate home), #6 (fail), and #7 (trips) were most successful. #2 only mildly so, but I did date more than I have my entire life, so that works. Really wish I had taken care of my mental/physical health (#1) more.

I have just one resolution this year.

No Zero Weekends. Towards the end of 2016, I spent entire weekends doing nothing. In 2017, I envision doing something every weekend. Even if it’s something as simple as exercise, or working out, to a spontaneous photo trip, or managing to find a friend to share a meal with.

The following are less resolutions, but more goals.

  • Less antisocialness/be more social. The beginning of 2016, I worked very hard to improve my conversation skills and meet people. I burnt out, however, and haven’t really worked on this for half a year, leading to the degradation of my social skills/grace. I want to find the willpower to work on improving this again.
  • Confidence. How can I decouple my confidence from my performance? True swag powers through adversity.
  • Taking photography to the next level. Can I take yet better pictures? Market them? Maybe I can set up an online portfolio (a goal I have put on the backburner for years).
  • Having the balls to change my life for real. So many of my peers are in the Forbes 30-for-30 list. And what am I doing? Nothing has changed in years of year-end recaps – it’s the same jazz over and over again of struggling to make/maintain friends. I am miserable living in the Bay and lumbering through a 1.5 hr commute not even in a full-time job. Whether it’s making a career change to something more weather-related, or moving to Denver, something’s gotta give.
  • Working towards being a more outdoorsy person. I’m going to enter the lottery for Half Dome. And work towards being in shape for a JMT or Annapurna Circuit scale hike in the next couple of years.

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