Super Bowl XLVII Prediction

Well how about this… an unstoppable force meets an immovable object. This was the sexy preseason prediction that everyone was talking about… and it finally came true for once. So here we are.

Also, I’m pretty impressed by my 2-0 on my Championship predictions, including of the exact score of the Seahawks-49ers game! Should’ve bet on it…

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NFL Playoff Predictions: 2014 Championship Games

OK,  I was 2-2 for my divisional picks. The AFC screwed me over. 😦

This weekend’s lot of championship games promises to be the best in quite some time. On one side, we have the classic Brady v. Manning, the best QB rivalry of our generation, featuring two superstars on the top of the totem pole of QB success. On the other, a smashmouth rivalry involving the two most physical teams in the NFL, between two head coaches not too fond of each other, dating back to their college coaching days.

What a lineup.

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On Conversation and Making Friends: Post-Grad Edition

Back in junior year of high school, I had a revelation one day that something just wasn’t right with the way I interacted with people. From that moment, I decided to embark on a little mental project to think about, observe, and research how people develop friendships, interact, and converse. The result was like night and day — did you know I used to think that extended periods of silence were fine when I was with people? Yeah. So I feel that I have some legitimacy on discussing this topic, though actually not really. It’s a complicated thing, and I’ve learned first and foremost that something that works with one person may not work with another. Ironically, applying experience gained with one person to another person is a common rookie move. Yet there are some shared themes here.

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