2016 New Year’s Resolutions

Last year’s resolutions:

Fail. Fail. Much fail. I hastily concocted those resolutions and really didn’t put my heart into them. The resolutions that came true were: 1) go storm chasing; 2) social life (surprisingly); 3) career clarity. The exercise, blogging, and financial planning resolutions crashed and burned.

Bummer. 😦

This year I have put a much more effort into thinking about these resolutions.

  1. Address my health (mental and physical). And by this I mean go to the doctor, get a health checkup, and see a therapist for improving my mental health.
  2. Dating. Go on dates. Ask people out that I randomly meet. Finally message those people you matched up with on OKCupid.
  3. Get a developer job. Last year, I found out I didn’t enjoy management as much as I did coding. And actual QA testing even less, especially with the product I’m working on right now.
  4. Volunteering or some equivalent outside-of-work-and-home activity. Specific implementation TBD; this is for increasing my social life outside of previous-Berkeley/HS and work contexts. But also to add some fulfillment to my life.
  5. Decorate my “bachelor pad”, make it more of a home. For now the specifics include getting furniture and frame some photos I’ve taken to hang on the wall. Litmus test for success is if I can host a party or bring friends or others home without being embarrassed.
  6. Fail often. I envision this most strongly in the dating and job search contexts. These are activities that involve large volumes of attempts, many failures, but minimal threshold for success (i.e. 1). So I want to fail often, and teach myself to embrace, instead of fear, failure. I imagine resolutions (2) and (3) will make this happen.
  7. Trips. This “resolution” is just to make sure it happens. I envision 1) solo trip to Iceland; 2) storm chasing; 3) intermountain west road trip.

Stretch goals:

  1. Exercise. I’m not putting a priority on this as much as I did last two years, because of how I crashed and burned in 2015, but will put this here just to remind myself.

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