While walking home from TC practice yesterday night, me, the guy across from me, and a bus ran the same red light at the same time… while there were cars ready to go on the cross street.

Just another day of Berkeley jaywalking.



Today’s Sunday message by Pastor Ed was amazingly beautiful. His messages on gratitude and thanks are always among the best IMO, but today’s touched me a lot more, maybe because I was awake for once, lol. Or, maybe, because it hit me when I was at my weakest.

Through his message I came to realize that all the terrible, miserable, and least-fun things lately have been a byproduct of not circumstances but attitude. Maybe if I could see the glass half-full, and not focus on what is not there – what is empty and missing and not present¬†– maybe then, I will enjoy my life more. For a fool who misses the great things in his life is like a fisherman who complained about the lack of shrimp in his net, when in fact he had a netted a bountiful harvest of scallops.¬†I may not have the most friends, the best grades, the most likable personality, the strongest faith, the best research position, the greatest brain, the most time with my gf… but all the blessings I have – supportive parents, the best public university in the world, renewed peace with my roommates, heck, life itself – are truly miraculous in and of themselves.

May a spirit of thanksgiving be the charge for the rest of my semester, and my life.