Las Americanas

I was planning to post about this a couple of weeks ago, but never got to it. Well, now I got some time before I sleep.

For those not in the know, Las Americanas is an outlet mall next to the Mexican border in Chula Vista. So my family and I go there (and saw Jenny there too!) over Spring Break to shop for some clothes, and I think: why in the heck would they build an outlet mall here, right next door (literally) to Mexico?

There is a bit of irony in Las Americanas. The electric fences that separate the 3rd and the 1st world lie literally a stone’s throw away. On the other side, you have packed shantytowns; here you have a mall featuring brand names such as Aeropostale and Nike. What amazing irony it is indeed, that an illegal immigrant or a drug smuggler sneaking in from Mexico via Tijuana, would see first names which embody America’s exuberance, materialism, and luxury.

Surely, there is a marketing strategy in planting Las Americanas in La Frontera. You have potential tourists wanting to potentially do something right before they leave for Mexico. It’s quite an ideal location. Many San Diegans know about it. The more affluent ones go there often.

But still, there is a slight tingling feeling in my mouth, perhaps a byproduct of my Anthro R5B readings… just some type of bitter irony. Food for thought.