NFL Playoffs 2014-15: Championship Round Predictions

Once again, I was 2-2 in my Divisional Round predictions. Who thought Denver would just lay an egg like that? Or that Dez’s catch was not a catch?

Here my Championship Round predictions:

Packers 16 | Seahawks 36

Yes, there’s a reason I’m predicting the same score as their first meeting: because it’s going to be the same lopsided loss for GB. The odds just overwhelmingly favor Seattle — homefield advantage, better D, better run game (considering the wet and windy conditions today, that’s key). Do you trust Lacy to outperform Beast Mode? Meanwhile Rodgers is still injured and that Seattle pass rush will remain relentless. The Seattle secondary will smother GB’s high-power passing attack.┬áDon’t forget hthe legs of Wilson — GB’s D couldn’t defend against the ninble Kaepernick a few years back. The only way I can see GB winning is through Special Teams. Thank the Rams for that blueprint.

Colts 23 | Patriots 27

Let me tell you that the Colts’ D showed up to play last week. They have a feel of that Cinderella team. But I just have to go with the Pats here, despite that feeling. Statistically in the regular season, the Patriots┬ájust have had a better defense, and Tom Brady out-beasted the Ravens last week. He’s on a mission this year. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was close though. The Colts are a dangerous team.


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