2016 NFL postseason: Wild-Card Round Predictions

This year’s predictions are the most straightforward I’ve seen since I started writing these predictions. I’d bet a lot of money on New England Patriots vs. New York Giants Super Bowl rematch. A lot. Here’s how it’s gonna get there.

Wild-Card Round


Houston Texans 19 | Oakland Raiders 14

Raiders have no QB, are on the road against a mean Texans QB pass rush. If the Texans lose, Osweiler loses it, not the Raiders win it.

Pittsburgh Steelers 22 | Miami Dolphins 17

The Steelers mean business. And their defense really steps it up in the playoffs. All they need to do is to stop Ajayi. But Miami is on the rise and can be a true contender if Tannehill can improve.


Seattle Seahawks 24 | Detroit Lions 20

Lions have been pretenders all year and their last regular season game against GB showed it. You can’t count on 4th Q comebacks all the time. The Seahawks are pretenders too, though, so the Lions got lucky with their draw. It’ll be close, but I’ll take the home field.

Green Bay Packers 16 | New York Giants 21

The last two times the Giants played the Packers at Lambeau, the Giants won. The Packers were red-hot the last time as well.This looks to be a repeat. Remember, defense wins championships! There isn’t a defense better than the Giants’ this year.

Divisional Preview

New England Patriots triumph over Texans
Kansas City Chiefs triumph over Steelers

Dallas Cowboys fall to Giants
Atlanta Falcons triumph over Seahawks


AFC: Patriots over Chiefs
NFC: Falcons fall to Giants

Super Bowl

Like the 2016 Super Bowl, a defensive juggernaut with a turnover-prone QB battles a team as balanced as one would come. Eli vs. Brady Round 3. But Brady can’t get over the hump. Giants over Patriots.


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