2016 NFL Wild Card Predictions

Yes, it’s that time of the year again! Here are my predictions…

Chiefs 23 | Texans 13
Picking Kansas City here because of their 10-game winning streak, and Houston does not have a competent QB. Two strong defenses so this will not be a high-scoring affair.

Steelers 20 | Bengals 17
Here’s why the Steelers win, despite being bitten by the RB-gets-injured–near-end-of-season curse. (1) It’s the Bengals; (2) It’s the Bengals. When was the last time the Bengals won a Wild Card game? Having AJ McCarron instead of a red-hot Andy Dalton helps solidify the call as well.

Seahawks 24 | Vikings 10
Against the Seahawks in Week 12, AP carried the ball 8 times for a paltry 18 yards.  In the last five weeks of the year AP has average 3.4 yds/carry vs. the 4.5 yds/carry in the previous 12 weeks. Why is this important? AP = Vikings offense. Cold weather = less passing game. All this means the RB play is huge and AP clearly has not played his best games as of late, or against the Seahawks.

Packers 20 | Redskins 27
The picks this week continue to be easy! Simple. You pick the hot offense to win, and the cold offense to… not. When is the last time the Packers’ offense did anything? No the Hail Mary does not count. Exactly, I can’t remember either. By the way, I’ve always been a fan of Cousins. I felt like a lot of the criticism towards him was not warranted, and he seemed to be efficient at moving the offense even as a not fully polished product. Glad he’s found success as of late.


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