2015 Chase Diaries, Day 3, 5/30: Travelling

GPS logs: locations mentioned in the post are annotated or circled.


Realized this yesterday, but half of chasing is the roadtrip aspect. Having lived in California so long, I’ve forgotten the beauty of the horizontal line. Those familiar with artistic thought will know horizontal lines convey peace and rest. So the rural KS highways have been relaxing, the boring skyline… beautiful in its own way. There have been sections of highway with nobody on them, and I feel like the king of the world during those segments.

Started in Santa Rosa, NM on my way to Goodland, KS to position myself strategically for the upcoming days. The axis of severe weather will shift from TX/OK up to points north, and good riddance — 31 people have been killed by flooding, and many more remain missing.

While in Santa Rosa decided to check out the “Blue Hole”, a natural sinkhole-turned-into-pool used to train scuba divers. Kinda neat; the hole itself was pretty deep. Some teenagers dived into the water and played around; I had forgotten today was a Saturday.

20150529-DSC_8089 20150529-DSC_8081

I left pretty late around 12. It was a beautiful day. These and the next several photos were taken north of Dalhart on US-385 in the Kiowa and Rita Blanca Grasslands. For parts of this leg not a vehicle was to be seen for miles.


Mirages, mirages everywhere.


You can see on for miles and miles. No cars.


Due to the recent heavy rains, the wildflowers were out in bloom. Everywhere. The land was covered in a sheet of yellow. One of the most beautiful wildflower displays I’ve seen. You can see the yellow in the previous picture as well, but this one shows it better.


Cows grazing…


That was the coolest part of the trip. US-56 between Boise City and Elkhart was just as empty. These last few photos are from KS-27. More mirages, more visibility for miles, more divided highway. Pretty neat. Got somewhat hilly around Sharon Springs and north (right photo).

20150530-DSC_8179 20150530-DSC_8188 20150530-DSC_8183

Sitting in Goodland now waiting for what the second half of my chase trip will bring.


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