Super Bowl XLIX Prediction

I’m a little burnt by football, mainly because all my favorite teams either did not make it to the playoffs or lost in heartbreaking fashion in the NFC Championship. But I still feel compelled to make a prediction, though this is going to be a quick analysis.

It’s a good matchup — the old dynasty against a new one — who will prevail? Defense wins championships, and both teams have a pretty good one. The Seahawks have the better stifling defense, but they do not have Tom Brady or Gronk or Blount or any of the other bazillion playmakers on the Patriots roster. Tom Brady seems to be out on a mission this year; he wants another Ring badly. And the Patriots have the blueprint to defeating the Seahawks thanks to the Packers two weeks ago.

But I think Wilson and team adjusts to that poor outing. The Seahawks’ tacklers will reduce Gronk’s YAC. Despite all the positives going for the Patriots, I’m gonna give the edge to the Seahawks’ stifling defense and creative playmaking. They find ways to win.

Seahawks 23
Patriots 21


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