New Year’s Resolutions for 2015

(For reference: 2011 | 2012 | 2013 | 2014)

I should say these are more like general goals more than resolutions.

I put a great deal of thought into 2014’s resolutions, and they brought upon many of the changes in 2014 (see forthcoming 2014 recap blog post). However, 2014 was the first year where I was legitimately unsuccessful with more than one of my resolutions. The exercise one was a reach from the get-go; others I simply forgot about as the year progressed.

Last Year’s – Report Card
1) Exercise. D+. Specific requirements are objective and I failed to meet those requirements, so no leeway there. However I did start exercising and developed a disciplined regimen for at least awhile. I don’t pass because I didn’t meet my requirements but I get as good as a grade otherwise.

2) Completion of projects. F. Didn’t happen, and frankly forgot about it.

3) Vacation. A+. Went on three unforgettable trips that changed my life.

4) Knowledge/learning. F. Didn’t happen.

5) Social life. A. I have work friends now! Still lacking in friends outside of work… (but seriously, did not think I’d score high on this resolution/goal, so this was a pleasant surprise)


This Year’s
1) Exercise. New goal (a little less ambitious from my 2014 goal): at least 3 times a week averaged through the year; i.e. 52*3 = 156 times this year to the gym effective immediately. This goal continues if I move away from my current apartment gym; this may required getting gym membership sometime during the year. No requirement on types or longevity of workouts; I’ve established that routine already.

2) Social life outside of work. Let’s prioritize this for 2015. This may not necessarily come from my current group of college friends whom with I keep little contact. This might be a reach but we’ll just have to see what happens.

3) Career clarity. This is slightly different from career advancement; quite different from job advancement. It may not necessarily mean changing my job, but I will need to make forward progress in deciding what I eventually want to do for my career. This will require me leaving my comfort zone and trying out new things. It may also involve seeing if physics and weather are still legitimate future tracks — perhaps by doing more physics problems. Ideally, by the end of the year we’ll also have an idea about future plans for more advanced education.

4) A legit storm chasing trip (+ at least one trip from following: Iceland | Alaska cruise | SE Asia | Yellowstone | Aurora Borealis). No more buy plane tickets three days before synoptically evident tornado outbreak spontaneous business. Spontaneity is great but not if it’s not smart financially. We’ll have to prioritize planning this vacation. And similar to last year, we’ll plan another one as well.

5) More blogging and writing. This one is an “impulse resolution” but I really have a thing for creating and I want to nurture that. Helping my cousin with his college apps made me realize how bad of a writer I am now. I feel like I’ve had this resolution for multiple years now, meh.

6) Be smarter about financial planning. This involves taking more ownership of my financial future, including retirement. Looking into more investments and managing them. Better budgeting, etc. “Adult stuff” resolution.


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