Super Bowl XLVII Prediction

Well how about this… an unstoppable force meets an immovable object. This was the sexy preseason prediction that everyone was talking about… and it finally came true for once. So here we are.

Also, I’m pretty impressed by my 2-0 on my Championship predictions, including of the exact score of the Seahawks-49ers game! Should’ve bet on it…

Keys to the game:

1) The unstoppable force meets the immovable object. Peyton Manning against the Legion of Doom. A historically good offense against an elite defensive unit. Actually, history favors the strong defense. Guess how well the highest scoring offenses in NFL history have done? You’d be surprised: not one has won the Super Bowl.

The reasons for this are many-fold. Perhaps mistakes on offense cost teams more than mistakes on defense, and mistakes tend to happen more often when the stage is greater, and the expectations are higher (which they would be for a juggernaut offensive unit). Perhaps there is more pressure on offense to make things happen, than there is on the defense to stop things from happening. Maybe it’s easier for an elite defensive unit to find flaws against a good offense.

The 2007 Patriots, 1983 Redskins, and 1990 Bills serve as good reminders that a powerful, prolific offense can be contained on the game’s biggest stage.

Edge: Seahawks.

2) Beast mode meets a stout run defense. Marshawn Lynch ran wild in the playoffs, and has been a big figure in the Seahawks’ success this postseason. However, the Denver run defense has been spectacular as well, limiting San Diego’s backfield attack and shutting down the Patriots’ LaGarette Blount. There will be no doubt that Denver will look to contain Lynch. How successfully they do it may be the outcome of the game.

Reason I say this is if, let’s say, Denver contains Lynch, can Russell Wilson win it through the air? Denver’s pass rush has been surprisingly good this postseason, and they can easily force Wilson out of his comfort zone. In the past few weeks, the Seahawks’ air attack has been surprisingly anemic, and they’ve had to rely on Marshawn more than ever for much of their offense. This will be an interesting matchup, and a very critical one.

Edge: Broncos.

3) The return of Percy Harvin. Broncos have little tape on him. He’s healthy now, he’s explosive as usual. This X-factor might be the offensive push Seattle needs to “keep up” with Denver. Of course, that is assuming he doesn’t get injured in the game. Which seems to happen quite often.

Edge: Seahawks. (This line really isn’t needed, I’m just placing it here for continuity.)

4) The weather. Outdoors, cold, Peyton Manning doesn’t play well in cold weather, etc. etc. I don’t think it will be a huge deal, but the statistics don’t lie and Manning is not as good in the cold.

Edge: Seahawks.

5) Turnovers. Richard Sherman loves his tip drills.

Edge: Seahawks.

PREDICTION: Seahawks 24 | Broncos 22
They say defense wins championships, and that is why I think Seahawks have (barely) an edge. It’s going to be a close one!


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