Bucket List

There’s quite a few of friends going on trips this Spring Break, and frankly I’m a little jealous. So I realize that I should go on a trip and “散散心”, so to speak — and no, not a trip with my parents, because that was ridiculously stressful. And be more concrete in planning trips with peers or by myself.

I have several places I want to go, but I’ve never had the resources to do so. For small-scale things, I don’t have a car… for large-scale things I don’t have the financial resources. The latter can wait, but I want to think about the former now and see how many of these I can knock off before graduation.

Photo Trips/Places to See

OK, this isn’t a “bucket list” in the purest sense, as I have done some of the TIER 0/1 activities before, but I want to go again.

TIER 0: Around Berkeley. 
-Fire trail; Panorama Way via trail at the end of Dwight
-Another “above fog” photo.
-Go to the top of Campanile.

TIER 1: Around Bay Area.
-Bay Bridge (both SF and Oakland sides; the latter before it’s replaced in September), from Yerba Buena Island viewpoint
-Bay Bridge lights from Angel Island (perpendicular) viewpoint
-Baker Beach (around sunset and after sunset when I can get some smoother water exposures)
-Sunset at Altamont Pass with the windmills
-Pacheco Pass and San Luis Reservoir before they build the high-speed rail through there
-Golden Gate pic with fog around.
-Mt. Tamulpais
-Mission Peak
-Mt. Diablo
-Mt. Hamilton/Lick Observatory
-I really love Vasco Rd. between Brentwood and Livermore
-Pt. Reyes
-Skyline Blvd
-Napa/Sonoma. The Wine Country.

TIER 2: California
-Joshua Tree National Park
-The place with sand dunes east of Barstow (forgot where)
-Kings Canyon National Park
-Check out the Santa Ynez Mountains (I’ve always had a fascination with these because of their prominence)
-Salton Sea
-Mono Lake… photos at sunset zomg!
-Long Valley
-Owens Valley!
-Carrizo Plain
-Big Sur… again. I will never forget that place.
-Monterey Bay Aquarium
-Pt. Conception
-Avenue of the Giants
-A stretch, but the “Lost Coast” in northern California. Dunno how I would get there though, would require heavy-duty camping/offroading.
-View of the LA basin from the San Gabriels (1) on a foggy/smoggy/cloudy day in LA; (2) at night
-Hwy 78 east of Julian through the Banner Grade has amazing views.

TIER 3: Around the country.
-Rocky Mountain National Park
-New York City (Brooklyn Bridge, GW Bridge, etc.)
-Cambridge, the academic capital of the world.
-The Plains
-Big Bend National Park… that place is kinda interesting
-Bonneville Salt Flats & Great Salt Lake
-The Wasatch Range in Utah, again because of their great prominence
-Zion during the day
-Monument Valley
-Canyonlands and Capitol Reef; I read about these as a child.
-Arches National Park… because every photographer loves arches
-National Weather Center in Norman, OK
-Columbia River Gorge
-Olympic National Park
-(Photo) Las Vegas at night; an island of brightness in the desert
-Something in Wyoming… it’s kinda an enigma for me
-Carlsbad Caverns
-Yellowstone. (How did i forget this the first goaround?)
-(130616) Sand Hills in NE.

TIER 4: Around the World. Was not going to include this at first, but I might as well do it. These will be general things I would be cool to see/photograph before I die.
-The Pyrenees
-The Alps
-The Carpathians
-Taklamakan Desert
-Aurora Borealis
-A cinder-cone volcano
-The Patagonia
-Blue/White Nile junction
-Rio Negro/Amazon junction
-Atacama Desert
-Dubai. Or the deserts around there.
-Salar de Uyuni

Drives I want to do

-Avenue of the Giants in northern California
-US 34 in Colorado… amazing stuff through Big Thompson Canyon and Rocky Mtn National Park. At its highest, ascends to over 10 000 ft ASL.
-I-70 in Colorado through Glenwood Canyon. An amazing feat of engineering. Also descending from the Rockies into the Great Plains, supposedly comparable to the Grapevine in CA.
-I-90 in Washington ascending into the Cascades
-I-70 in Utah ascending from Salt Lake City, into the Wasatch
-I-70 in Utah through the Bonneville Salt Flats
-Any CA SR highway descending from the Sierras to the Central Valley
-CA SR 178… this is due to Google Maps streetview
-For nostalgic purposes: CA SR 58 through the Tehachapis
-CA SR 152 through Pacheco Pass… this is a given.
-CA SR 2 through the San Gabriel Mountains.
-OMG US 395 through Owens Valley
-CA SR 243 south of Banning. Try it on Google Maps. You’ll like it.
-Any of the CA SR routes through the west side hills west of I-5. There’s something mysterious about them.
-CA SR 1 between/through (1) Big Sur; (2) Pacifica and Half Moon Bay; (3) near Malibu
-Any mountainous road through Topanga Canyon and Laguna Canyon. The hills in and around LA fascinate me.
-I-80 just west of Reno… the prominence of the Sierras on the eastern slopes has always fascinated me.
-US 89 in Arizona north of Flagstaff/through the Painted Desert. That section of road inspired me.
-Utah SR 9 through Zion, again because of history reasons
-SR 37 between Vallejo and Novato. Its one of those mysterious Bay Area roads that always intrigued me.

I’m probably missing some things. I’ll be adding to this list with time as I remember items, lol.


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