NFL Playoff Predictions: 2012-13 Conference Championships

Not gonna lie, I failed pretty miserably in the divisional round. 2-2, and  the losses were to my most confident predictions. The two predictions that I was unsure about ended up being blowouts. Epic fail.

That said, here are more championship predictions:


Ravens 24, Patriots 34: I’d love a Har-bowl for the Super Bowl, but I don’t think the Ravens have the quite the offensive arsenal that New England has. The Ravens are a more complete team with Ray Lewis back, but they still aren’t the Ravens of 2011, who still ended up losing to New England (even if that was on a Billy Cundiff choke). The Broncos played badly, and the Ravens still almost lost the game, if it weren’t for the Denver defense collapsing in the final minute. NE’s juggernaut offense is almost unstoppable at Foxboro if they aren’t killing themselves with turnovers. Wild card: if the Ravens still play inspired given Lewis’s pending retirement, that may tip the scales in the Ravens’ favor.


Niners 23, Falcons 21: This will be a close game, and I am hesitant to predict this score given that David Akers can’t kick field goals. In fact, that may be the tipping point that allows the Falcons to win. I don’t know, we’ll have to see. In the beginning of the playoffs, I predicted that the 49ers wouldn’t make it to the Super Bowl. I will say I’m not so sure of that prediction now. 😛 Nevertheless, I predict a Niners victory based on their more balanced, varied attack on both sides of the ball. Additional wild card: Kaepernick performed poorly against the noise when the Niners played in Seattle. Well, Georgia Dome is also a hostile place to play. We might be able to foresee the result of the game early on.


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