New Year’s Resolutions for 2013

Here were my resolutions from last year. And, as has been the case for a couple of years now, these resolutions were successful! I got the internship [though by sheer luck], I did something meaningful with weather (research with Prof. Romps), and I did more photography (photo editor for B&G). Grade: A for all three.

For this year:

1) Get a job. This will be the hardest New Year’s resolution yet. Jobs are not easy to get in this economy. Even harder without specialized skills/training in my undergraduate education. I expect maybe one acceptance in 100 tries. The hard part is trying 100 times in the upcoming semester. Especially when each of those 100 times requires a nuanced resume tailored for the employer.

2) Keep in touch/getting closer with friends. College has been a blast. I’ve become social for once. But college is ending, and people are going on diverging paths. If this China trip taught me one thing, it is that close friends will be with you when you are on your ropes, even after 20 years. I don’t have close friends, and I don’t know how to keep in touch with friends without sounding awkward or desperate. This is a pretty tough resolution too, and too be honest I’m not sure I can do it. But I will nevertheless put it here, and hope  the New Year Resolution magic will pull through for me.

3) (Because I’m out of ideas for a third resolution) Keep my brain active with problems and projects. I reached stagnation last semester. I was out of research, and out of energy to do more projects. Thankfully, I still kept myself busy by making myself physics problems to do. I want to keep that going. And get the projects started again. Thinking of a Yelp-FB-integrative type project. LaTeX document on sunlight attenuation in an isothermal atmosphere, completion of document on tornado/hurricane windspeed distribution given trial as well as empirical pressure fields. Learn web design. Create photo website. Design photo logo. Just to name a few. (EDIT: Also, add more blogging into here. Keeping blogs updated is also a pseudo-project of sorts, and keeps my brain active.)

(P.S. Yeah I know this is late. Too busy during China trip. In post queue: Reflections on Trip; Reflections on 2012)


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