NFL Playoff Predictions, 2012-13 Postseason

Same idea as last year’s post, with some minor tweaks.

My thoughts on the 2012-13 postseason, in general

-AFC Champ goes to either Patriots or Broncos. Most of the teams in the AFC are pretty bad or mediocre. Only these two stand out.

-Kickers are going to cost 49ers and Packers (just think about how many games in the past few postseasons have been decided by a field goal or less). In case that doesn’t, the 49ers are streaky, and the Packers just do not have a good enough offensive line. Neither will make the Superbowl.

-The Seahawks, with their really good defense and an offense that has been beasting in the past few games, has a good shot of making the Superbowl. No real other standouts in the NFC are as well-rounded, in my opinion.

Specific Predictions for Wild-Card Weekend

Bengals (A6) 27, Texans (A3) 24 | The Texans have fallen from glory; their secondary and Matt Schaub just haven’t gotten it done in recent weeks. The Bengals are streaking, but not in convincing fashion. Both the Bengals and the Texans have a good pass rush, so victory may fall into the hands of line play. I give the Bengals a slight edge; if they can force turnovers and stop Arian Foster, they will win in convincing fashion. If not, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Texans win. Tough call indeed.

Colts (A5) 16, Ravens (A4) 21 | Flip the two around (i.e. if Colts are at home), this is blowout win for the Colts. But since Luck is not as good on the road, and Flacco is a different QB at home, and since Ray Lewis is back, the Ravens win.

Vikings (N6) 17, Packers (N3) 27 | AP has nothing left to play for. The Packers have enough of the Vikings from the week before to gameplan around their weaknesses.  However, the Vikings have been playing quite well in recent weeks, so they may yet surprise me.

Seahawks (N5) 30, Redskins (N4) 10 | Seahawks shut out RG3 and Morris. Redskins have a weak defense, and Wilson and Lynch will capitalize on that. I think Seahawks win this in convincing fashion.

Predictions for Divisional/Championships/Super Bowl (Subject to change)


Packers (N3) v. 49ers (N2) | This one is a tough one, and may depend on which kicker makes the field goals. I give the edge to the 49ers’ superior O-line and pass rush.

Seahawks (N5)  v. Falcons (N1) | Falcons do another one-and-out in the playoffs. Aside from the Giants game, the Falcons have not really won convincingly.

Bengals (A6) v. Broncos (A1) |  Broncos have a superior defense and offense, well-balanced teams often make it far.

Ravens (A4) v. Patriots (A2) | Ravens have no offense on the road; 1/10th of NE’s powerhouse offense will beat them.


NFC: Seahawks v. 49ers | The Seahawks were close to winning the last time they played at Candlestick. They are a better team now.

AFC: Patriots v. Broncos | Classic Brady v. Manning… I think the latter’s team is better overall. (Remember, the same squad got to the divisional round of the playoffs with Tebow last year) But this will be close, I think… another classic clash between two future HOF QB’s.

Super Bowl:

Whoever is the NFC champion wins the Super Bowl. I made the same prediction last year, and the Giants won over the Patriots.


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