The Hype Machine on Full Blast

Is it just me, or do storms in the Northeastern U.S. always get hyped up more than usual? Example, Irene last year which was ridiculous.

Background info: Hurricane Sandy from the Caribbean is forecasted to merge with an nontropical frontal system over the northeastern U.S. Such scenarios are rare, but have produced devastating results in the past — see Perfect Storm 1991, Great New England Hurricane 1938, Hazel 1954, among others. I don’t expect impacts to be as severe as the 1938 storm (which was really once in a century), maybe similar to Hazel, will probably be worse than the Perfect Storm whose impact was felt mostly at sea. This is assuming, however, that current computer models verify.

So with that said, here are some quotes:

chad myers ‏@chadmyerscnn
After 26 years in TV weather and 2 years with NOAA, #Sandy may pose the greatest risk to human life that I have seen. Pls keep up.

Jim CantoreVerified @JimCantore
I never thought I would see another Super Outbreak after 1974. It happened. I never thought I’d see another Perfect Storm. Its happening.

“What we’re seeing in some of our models is a storm at an intensity that we have not seen in this part of the country in the past century,” Kocin said in a telephone interview yesterday. “We’re not trying to hype it, this is what we’re seeing in some of our models. It may come in weaker.” Link


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