Super Bowl

First off, I am going to say I am really happy about my championship game predictions. They were tough picks and I was very close with the Ravens-Patriots game, and only one point off for the Giants-49ers game. (Okay, I will stop bragging now.)

I’ll keep this short… I think the Giants have one of the most balanced offenses/defenses we’ve seen thus far in the league. They’ve got an immense pass rush and have already beaten the Patriots in the regular season. Recent history has shown that the record doesn’t matter, but rather how balanced you are on both sides of the ball during the playoffs. From the get-go I had an intuitive feeling that the Giants would make it to the Super Bowl. Now that they’ve made it, I think they will win. The Patriots are built very similarly to the Packers, which the Giants trounced three weeks ago.

X-factors: whether the secondary of the Patriots shows up, whether Patriots TE Gronkowski will play.

Final score: Patriots 31 Giants 37


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