Review of Wild Card Weekend; Predictions Round 2

So to recap, my NFC wildcard predictions were on spot. I did however give the Falcons too much credit, as they were shut out offensively. The Giants are looking like a scary team. I am less sure than ever on the Packers defeating the Giants; the game will largely depend on these matchups: the Giants monster defensive line against the Packers’ banged-up offensive line; Packers’ monster receivers against a weaker Giants’ secondary. This will likely be a pass-happy shootout that is decided in the last few minutes. My predictions for all teams stand.

My AFC predictions, unfortunately, failed. I’m happy that the Steelers lost, but I look bad with that prediction. Steelers lost because of the injuries to Pouncey and Roethlisburger, and because of the blown coverages that allowed Tebow have a career day.

For AFC, my new predictions:


4 | Denver Broncos 17
1 | New England Patriots 31

3 | Houston Texas 13
2 | Baltimore Ravens 20
The Ravens are nearly unstoppable at home.


2 | Baltimore Ravens 24
1 | New England Patriots 37
The Ravens are weak on the road and Flacco can’t win a shootout against Brady if his life depended on it.

And like my previous prediction, whoever wins the NFC wins the Super Bowl.


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