NFL Playoffs Predictions

Really simple, predictions. If I do well this year I might make myself more public on predictions in upcoming years.

Seed | Team Points (bolded if win)

NFC – Wild Card

5 | Atlanta Falcons 17
4 | NY Giants 23

6 | Detroit Lions 21
3 | New Orleans Saints 45
Can’t see a weak Lions defense stopping a Saints team at home. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Saints put up a 50-burger.

NFC – Divisional

3 | New Orleans Saints 20
2 | San Francisco 49ers 10

5 | NY Giants 24
1 | Green Bay Packers 27
This one could be closer than most people think. A good Giants defensive line could upset the Packers and their banged up O-line, as we saw with the Chiefs. And the Giants almost beat the Packers during the regular season.

NFC – Championship

3 | New Orleans Saints 35
1 | Green Bay Packers 31
Purely basing on the Saints having a slightly better defense than the Packers. However, if the Pack can intercept Brees a couple of times and turns those turnovers into points – the Packers will win. Brees has been intercepted a few times in the past couple of games and the Pack hunt on picks. That will be the wild card. P.S. This will be a great game.


AFC – Wild Card

5 | Pittsburgh Steelers 13
4 | Denver Broncos 3
If Denver couldn’t put up a touchdown against KC, they certainly won’t against the Steel curtain.

6 | Cincinnati Bengals 16
3 | Houston Texans 17
Not confident on this one at all. Needless to say, a lot hinges on the performance of the two rookie QB’s in this game.

AFC – Divisional

3 | Houston Texans 13
2 | Baltimore Ravens 20

5 | Pittsburgh Steelers 23
1 | New England Patriots 17
Steelers have the top defense, while the Patriots have the dead last; defenses win playoff games. The Patriots haven’t won a playoff game since 2007, and the Steelers have already knocked off the Patriots once this year.

AFC – Championship

5 | Pittsburgh Steelers 20
2| Baltimore Ravens 17
A classical matchup. And like the last 235235 times, the Steelers beat the Ravens in the playoffs. (Note though I hate the Steelers. I’m just being honest here.)



AFC 5 | Pittsburgh Steelers 20
NFC 3 | New Orleans Saints 31
If the Packers would’ve won, this would be a matchup of last year’s Super Bowl!


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