New Years Resolutions, Take 2012

Last year around this time, I posted this. I will review how well I did on those here:

1) Discipline. I’m actually doing a lot better in this category than I did a year ago. I’m getting projects completed (to a satisfactory degree). Two of my projects that I have been working on this winter break – a list of April 27th tornadoes and a Java-backed tornado “database”, are near completion. And I completed some cool YouTube projects over summer! Grade: A-

2) Research. Got not one but two positions. Extremely grateful for the opportunity to work under my PI’s who are nice as heck, despite my shortcomings. Grade: A

3) Maintain GPA. To zeroth order – check, still in the 3’s. To first order – check… If I round my GPA up to the nearest tenth, it will match my GPA from last semester. To second order – meh. So to first order, I did maintain my GPA, but it did drop, and that cant be denied. Still, considering the disaster that was 2nd semester last year, I am thankful that I am still given the first order. Grade: B-

So overall, my GPA for last year’s resolutions for 2011: ~3.5. Pretty well.


Now for 2012 resolutions:

1) Do something meaningful in the weather-related department. April 27th opened my eyes weather-wise, and I realized that I might like weather a little more than I do even physics. Prof. Mueller is working on climate indices and global warming, and my Physics 105 GSI Nadir is working on cloud modeling with one of the EPS professors. Additionally, I still have contacts from SPC whom I interacted with on AmericanWx, and I should be able to make more advances on my Tornado Outbreak Scale after I finish my winter break projects.

2) Get an internship. This will probably be my biggest obstacle to date. I can’t think on the spot and I have interview fright. This is the real-world, much more stringent than research under a professor. If there’s one goal I won’t reach, this is it, so it is kinda a stretch for me. But I will eventually have to face this sooner or later.

3) Do more photography. I have been incredibly blessed with encouragement from friends who have appreciated my work in the past year – from Yearbook, to 6th floor, to Tom, Kawai, Thuy, Michael, and James, and others. So I will try to do something more with photography in the coming year. There’s lots to be done here – photo club, obtaining a remote shutter for timelapses and hour-long exposures, my own photo website, getting a 300mm (if I can get a source of income) for sports photography, getting a prime, super wide angle, macro, you name it. I won’t do them all, but hopefully in 2012 I can do at least one of these, in addition to taking more photos 🙂


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