Supercell Tracks on April 27th, 2011

This has been a project I’ve been planning to work on for a long time, but it took an upgraded EF5 to make me actually do it.

Note that these are only the supercells that produced EF3 or stronger tornadoes. At least five other supercells produced EF2 tornadoes.

And HERE is the map that I worked all afternoon on!

Dashed paths indicate areas where the supercell lost most of its definition but enough of it remained to track its identity.

Detailed information on each supercell follows. In format of:
Storm Letter
Initiation time (in UTC), location.
Dissipation time (in UTC), location (how it dissipated).
List of EF2 or stronger tornadoes (fatalities, if applicable).

1515, SW of Hamburg, AR.
2210, Gallatin, TN (dissipated).
EF3 Water Valley, MS.

1645, N of Delhi, LA.
0010, S of Crossville, TN (dissipated as it was about to merge into storm complex).
EF3 Houston–New Wren, MS (4);
EF5 Smithville, MS–Shottsville, AL (22).

1800, Brandon, MS.
0630, Covington, VA (merged with storm complex).
EF5 Philadelphia, MS (3);
EF4 Cordova–Sipsey, AL (13);
EF5 Rainsville, AL (26);
EF4 Ringgold, GA–Collegedale, TN (21);
EF3 Camp Creek, TN (6);
EF2 Butler, TN (2).

1830, N of Vicksburg, MS.
0330, Morristown, TN (dissipated, but maintained a very weak identity to SW VA).
EF3 Haleyville, AL;
EF4 Dunlap–New Harmony, TN (4);
EF2 Dunlap, TN.

1800, WNW of Natchez, MS.
2330, NE of Meridian, MS (dissipated).
EF2 Terry, MS;
EF3 Polksville–Burns, MS;
EF3 Newton, MS.

1845, Berry, AL.
0450, Snowshoe, WV (dissipated shortly after evolving into a linear system).
EF4 Cullman–Union Grove, AL (6);
EF4 Flat Rock, AL–Trenton, GA (13);
EF2 Tellico Plains, AL;
EF4 Blount Smokies, TN.

1945, Columbus AFB, MS.
2330, SW of Crossville, TN (merged with larger storm complex).
EF5 Hackleburg-Phil Campbell-Tanner-Harvest, AL (71).

1930, Forest, MS.
2230, Cordova, AL (dissipated).
EF3 Scooba, MS–Panola, AL.

2000, Newton, MS.
0400, SW of Asheville, NC (dissipated).
EF4 Tuscaloosa–Birmingham, AL (63);
EF4 Argo–Ohatchee–Piedmont, AL (23);
EF3 N Cartersville, GA;
EF3 Mountain City, GA (1).

2000, Yazoo City, MS.
0550, Blacksburg, VA (dissipated).
EF3 Hubbertville, AL;
EF3 Glade Spring, VA (3).

2010, Magee, MS.
0520, SW of Asheville, NC (dissipated).
EF3 Sawyerville–Eoline, AL.

2000, Natchez, MS.
0430, NW of La Grange, GA (dissipated).
EF4 Raleigh–Enterprise–Snell, MS (7).

2030, Sipsey, AL.
0530, W of Harrisonburg, VA (merged with storm complex).
EF4 Bridgeport, AL (1);
EF2 W of Johnson City, TN.

0010, SE of Selma, AL.
0330, Peachtree City, GA (dissipated).
EF4 Lake Martin–Dadeville, AL (7).

0250, Auburn, AL.
0630, NW of Augusta, GA (evolved into bow echo).
EF2 La Grange, GA;
EF3 Griffin, GA (1).

0020, N of Evergreen, AL.
0630, E of Greensboro, GA (dissipated within a larger storm complex).
EF2 Manchester, GA;
EF3 Sunny Side, GA (2).

0150, S of Trenton, GA.
0500, Johnson City, TN (dissipated).
EF3 Horse Creek, TN (2).


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