Life is Temporary

…The truth that overrules all other truths of this world. Two stories that should remind us all of this fact, saved for posterity:

Was listening to a scanner when I was 15. Heard about a serious accident about a mile away. My dad and I were interested in joining the volunteer fire department at the time so we decided to head over and see what the response involved. On arrival, there wasnt an officer or ambulance on scene. Its clear that not only is the accident serious, its fatal with a mangled body clearly visible in the car. As I am trying to keep my distance, I notice my best friends sister sitting off to the side covered in blood. I look at the car and it doesnt look like theirs, the wrecked car is the same color, but its a four door and theirs is a two door. I stand there for a few minutes kind of stunned trying to figure out what is going on and why she is there bleeding. Then I realize that the body in the car is my best friends. I run over and tell my dad, and I could see he didnt believe me.

I took him over to the wreck and said “dad look, thats Sandy there sitting down on the bank bleeding”. Just then, their dad arrives and my dad runs up and hugs him trying to keep him from seeing the body. All total, the wreck killed three, all from my best friends family. There were three siblings. Two sisters and one brother who was my age. The brother and oldest sister were killed along with a cousin. It was their car, but the impact was so severe that it collapsed the rear passenger area so bad, it appeared to look like there had been a door there.

The creepy part is they were headed to a lake and had asked my sister and I to go, but my mom said we couldnt because we had something planned with me grandmother.


At the end of his message, Stan [Gerlach] told the mourners, ‘You never know when God is going to take your life. At that moment, there’s nothing you can do about it. Are you ready?’ Then Stan sat down, fell over, and died. His wife and sons tried to resuscitate him, but there was nothing they could do – just as Stan had said a few minutes earlier.

(Source: Crazy Love, by Francis Chan, p. 46)

Truth IS sometimes stranger than fiction… but then again, isn’t life itself? There is no one aspect of nature stranger than life, and its temporal nature is a testament to that.

P.S. Another story, found while preparing this post.


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