Hopefully I don’t jinx this (I probably will), but right now I am at a quasistatic equilibrium between multiple songs, for the first time ever. Moreover, this quasistatic equilibrium has lasted for a week!

For those who are curious, the songs I am listening to right now are (in the order of slight favoritism):
Kina Grannis – Valentine
Kina Grannis & David Choi – The Way You Are
Ryan Higa, Kevin Wu, and Chester See – Nice Guys
Rob Dougan – Clubbed to Death (from Matrix)
David Choi – So Weightless
JLo ft. Pitbull – On the Floor

The “energies” of these videos – what I will call the U-value – are given as follows
(Link to the post explaining these values here)
Valentine: 4.378
The Way You Are: 5.443
Nice Guys (the KevJumba version): 4.632
Clubbed to Death: 4.205
So Weightless: Insufficient data (not enough votes)
On the Floor: 2.594


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