Jack of All Trades

A long time ago, I decided to look over my blog posts, and I realized that I am somewhat a jack-of-all-trades, but master of none. Kairos guys discussed this a while back and I was going to post on my blog about it, but it was delayed for a semester. I have basic knowledge in a lot of things – philosophy, economics, programming, football, a lot of the sciences; and I have more technical knowledge in a few other things – weather/tornado forecasting, photography, the roads and geographical layout of CA, chemistry, calculus, among others. But specialization? F that, even if economics argues that it is favorable for society.

But really, a lot of it… football, weather, photography, roads, and much of programming (which extends to stuff APCS could never teach me) is self-taught. And you know what: nothing short of amnesia can take that knowledge away from me. Which I think is pretty cool. I acknowledge that I am pretty dumb in many things, and I know many more who know a lot more, but I am thankful in the things I am knowledgeable in. I am reminded of people like Leibniz, Euler, Aristotle, among others, who excelled in mathematics AND philosophized ad infinitum. And then there was one guy who was basically good at everything – forgot his name just now. Plus that Chemical Engineering professor at Berkeley who contributed much in economic theory (featured in a Pimentel poster). They’re cool ppls.

On the flip side of course, I really do need to figure out what I need to do, regardless of what I said earlier. And as many do know, my Myers-Briggs indicates, and might I add very accurately, that I am afraid of the Opportunity Cost. And then specializing entails special struggles (whether it be not finding a job, failing at labs, not having research experience, bad GPA down the road, etc.). Gosh darnit, if money and GPA didn’t matter I’d just study atmospheric physics and theoretical chemistry with a side of fine art photography as my main college dishes!

Lol so where was I going with this post? Guess nowhere. Enjoy one of my few pseudo-succinct non-purposeful posts!


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