A Rantacious Saturday Morning

Believe it or not, this is probably the first non-philosophical post that I have made. So right now my mind is occupied by three things:

1) “Her” (I won’t be talking about this in my post)

2) Next week’s storms

3) Chargers/Jets, and football in general

Personally, I love rain. And normally, I’d be having an orgasm over next week’s setup. Across CA, both Euro and the GFS forecast 4-7″ of rain in the lowlands, a foot of rain in the lower mountain elevations, and yards of snow in the higher mountain elevations. The problem is, for the second time this year, SoCal seems to be getting more rain while I’m up at Norcal. Don’t call me a whiner. I’ve been dying for a good rainy season since the epic 2004-05 season. Unfortunately my time just ran out. 😦

Normally though not even that would completely piss me off. After all, aren’t models forecasting fairly even amounts from Northern to Southern CA? Well, it turns out the biggest system for Norcal will be the first (if the Euro is correct) – on Sunday, a day before I leave for Norcal. So if the Euro is right (and it usually is), the biggest rains for Norcal will be when I’m still in SoCal, while the biggest rains for SoCal will be when I’m back at Norcal.

I’m just glad to get rain, of course. But if the Euro continues its trend of a deep, amplified closed low over the EPAC, San Diego and the Baja will truly receive epic subtropical rains while Norcal is shafted with cold, dreary weather right under the low center. GFS is more merciful, and shows system after system pounding the entire state. Fun stuff.


My next concern: the Chargers. If only… if only… the Patriots had defeated the Ravens. Then the Colts would have to face the Jets. I hate the Jets. They are a very dangerous team. They are motivated, they have momentum, and they match up with the pass-happy 1st/2nd seeds (the Colts and Chargers, respectively). They have a #1 rated D, a strong secondary, and Darelle Revis that are able to neutralize a strong passing attack. Their run D is suspect but our run offense is nonexistent! Meanwhile their run offense is incredibly strong. They will wear any defense down.

Which is why they have the possibility of defeating a top ranked seed. They are very unlucky to not play the Colts. The Colts are even more passing-centered than the Chargers are. The Chargers have an impressive screen play to counter the Jets’ blitz. The Colts, who haven’t played a legitimate game for over a month, are even more rusty than the Chargers. The message is clear: I would favor the Jets to win if they were playing the Colts. Even so, the Chargers are organized very similarly, and the game will be close. I am concerned about a repeat from a few years ago, also a Jets-Chargers game, when the underdog Jets defeated the Chargers in an overtime field goal. Nate Kaeding had a chance to win it, but choked. That was one of the most painful football games I’ve had to watch (up there with the Steeler’s win over the Chargers in the AFC divisional game last year and USC’s blowout of Cal this season).

I wish the Chargers could play any other playoff opponent this week. We wouldn’t play the Colts, but if we did, the Colts are rusty from too much rest. They lack momentum and cohesiveness, especially after the Painter decision a 3 weeks ago. The Ravens showed no offense last week outside of the Ray Rice (?) 84-yd run, and only won because the Patriots defeated themselves and Brady choked. Patriots are weak this year; the loss of Welker and Brady’s finger injury don’t help. Their last-minute loss to the Texans revealed some key weaknesses in their defense. Finally, the Chargers had already defeated the Bengals. Ochocinco is the only main deep threat in their offense. Bengals have not had momentum either going into the playoffs with a humiliating 37-0 loss against the Jets.

But alas, none of that matters this week. The Jets weakness is that they defeat themselves with turnovers and interceptions from a rookie quarterback. Exploit that. Put them in pressure situations, get an early lead so they will be forced to pass, and all will be well.

With all that said, peace out~


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