The Saddest Day of the Semester

Is today.

No, it wasn’t when I failed my Chem 4 test, or my Math 53 midterm.

It was today.

The clapping, the cheerful goodbyes, they mark the end of my first semester at college. In some ways it is surreal, because I have just finished my first semester. In other ways it is sad, because all those people whom I befriended in class, whom I could see on a regular basis, whom I struggled with through molecular orbitals and oral presentations, whom were really my first non-church/old-HS friends, are no longer going to be in my class. (All the more likely as Telebears is screwed up.) And as many know I’m not the one who asks to randomly hang out with people.

I am happy to be done with classes, but sometimes I think, what if I had gotten to know my profs and GSI’s better?  -Shrugs- (This reminds me of my reflection essay I wrote for WHAP last year.) Oh well… one never regrets it until one no longer has it.

What I remember most from professors/GSI’s:

Prof. Head-Gordon (Chem 4a): “Cartoon”, decimal point that looked like a multiply symbol

Dr. Dhillon (Chem 4a): “I hope the Stockroom doesn’t find out about this” – after being unable to blow out the candles on her bday cake, picking out said candles and putting them on the countertop in the front of the lecture hall, and seeing a burning countertop a few minutes later

Prof. Saykally (Chem 4a): For the two days he taught, certainly “Cowboy chemistry”

Prof. Frenkel (Math 53): “Single-Variable Calculus” (note that this is a multi-variable calc class)

Dario (Math 53): “Gadget”, “All the other GSI’s are crazy”

Prof. Harvey (CS 61a): “Potstickers”

Tom (Chem 4a): Diagram of hydroxide shark devouring hydronium tuna during the acid-base titration

Liu Lao Shi (Chinese 1AX): The fact that her kids don’t study Chinese lololol

Michael (CS 61a): Nothing. I didn’t really go to CS discussion/lab after the middle of the semester. He did help me with a grading error once, though.

(Note: I drafted this on Friday. So “today” refers to last Friday. Just for the record.)


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