Three people came back to our floor drunk tonight.

One, my roommate, came back screaming “girls are gay lesbians!”, and wanted to rate girls’ “gayness” on a scale from 1 to 10, but is now better an hour later.

The second, my neighbor, nearly passed out and just threw up next to me in the bathroom about 10 minutes ago. He is somewhat belligerent in drunk situations, and did have some type of feud with my roommate (I just heard it and didn’t see it), but later came in and asked me and my roommate our Chinese names.

The third, my neighbor’s roommate, acknowledged his drunkenness and encouraged me to join him and have fun if I decided to ever drink in the future. As far as I know he is the most normal.

Then I hear about my roommate’s friend who decides to drive home, as described, “intoxicated”.

The R.A. came down about an hour ago to calm the feud. A few were woken up by the banging of doors/walls/etc.

Crazy night, and I wanted to take a photo right after the feud, but decided not to. Later however, by request, I did take a photo of some “love” going on here…


DSC_0007_Floor copys


Oh, and uh, about the Dimensions post part 2… it’ll be coming up. Just that this needed to be posted tonight.



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